Why a Framework?

In our experience, most organisations look at new data technologies and initiatives as a 'silver bullet' to solve business issues.  Very rarely is the case, as more often than not, the building blocks for data management (an integral part of a data initiative) are either not in place, or are languishing.

The Value Unlocked Framework has been developed over a number of years to address this issue, and to link data with the business strategy, technology, delivery and sustainability.  It is a Framework that is modular that allows its use in any organisation, no matter where they are on their data journey. Combined with our rapid delivery capability, it provides a base from any data initiative can be started, with the knowledge that the underlying data is right and being used correctly.

Capture - Manage - Exploit

The essence of any data work in any organisation can be boiled down to the Capture - Manage - Exploit model.

  • How is the data captured (Business Architecture)
  • How is the data managed (Data Architecture)
  • How is the data exploited by end users (Technical Architecture)

By focusing on these high level areas, the data conundrum becomes easier to solve.

Value Unlocked Framework

The Framework delivers Effective design delivered through transparent and reusable processes by defined roles using an understood and pragmatic approach

There are five main components to the framework:

  1. Value Defined - Architecture Framework
  2. Value Managed - Processes
  3. Value Built - Operating Model
  4. Value Delivered - Methodology
  5. Value Governed - Governance