What We Do

Kujoch provide the ability for organisations to move away from being data rich but information poor to organisations that harness, manage and use the power of data as the asset it really is.

Through many years of working on, leading and directing data projects and programmes, we know that the challenges facing organisations can be illustrated using the Iceberg principle - the analytics and reporting that is seen buy end users is the 10% of the effort, with the remaining 90% being ‘under the water’ but most likely to sink the ship…….

Service Model

The Kujoch client engagement model is based on a Discover - Execute - Maintain - Service framework that provides an end to end service for clients.

Our Services

  • Value based Discovery, Data & Information Strategy and Roadmaps / Audits
  • Practical Governance – Data and Information
  • Operating Models – People and Processes
  • Rapid Data Platform Implementation, using Timextender DiscoveryHub
  • Project Management
  • Delivery teams
  • Proven methods, approaches and accelerators
Virtual CDO Service
  • More affordable CDO service
  • Lower cost, higher benefits
  • Meets key requirement of GDPR - CDO being independent from the board
  • Filling key skills gaps
  • Interim and Supplier Management with key Framework support
  • Live Support
  • IaaS, PaaS, Operation and Solution as a Service
  • Technology Accelerators – on both revenue and capital models